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Our Services

We offer a range of services to our clients. The fundamental focus of these is to allow you, the client, to live the life that you want to live.

Through careful and wise financial management using our structured planning process,  we will ensure that your money works for you to achieve your lifestyle goals.

Our process


Your plans, hopes for the future, and the lifestyle you want

Your situation today, where you are currently on your financial journey

How we can best work with you to achieve your financial goals

Start to plan the steps to enable you to achieve the lifestyle you want


Identify your financial needs based on your lifestyle goals

Develop a view of possible gaps in your current plans

Measure your attitude to risk to suggest best solutions for you

Make specific financial recommendations to enable you to achieve the lifestyle you want


Explain our proposed solutions to you

Find the best providers and products for your needs and goals

Arrange the best terms for you with third party providers

Complete paperwork and get your solutions up and running


Agree a schedule of progress meetings with you

Review progress towards your goals and take any actions

Accessible and available for advice throughout the year

Constantly add value through financial coaching and advice

The services that we offer

Financial Planning

Strategic financial planning results in better financial outcomes.

We want to help you achieve the lifestyle you want – by reaching your financial goals.

Our structured financial plan can help you reach these goals, and our expert Financial Advisers can help you accomplish this.

Our financial plans include elements of

  • Lifestyle Cashflow Planning
  • Investing for the Long Term
  • Retirement Planning
  • Protecting Your Future
  • Transferring Your Wealth

Lifestyle Cashflow Planning

Lifestyle Cashflow Planning is important for making long-term financial decisions. We recommend this process to all clients before they embark on any long-term financial planning.

Our personalised Lifestyle Cashflow Planning service brings together all of your current / future income, expenditure, assets, and liabilities. It projects your likelihood of meeting your expenditure commitments and goals, and helps you plan for the future.

This process often brings about confidence and peace of mind, and visualises the impact of making different choices over time. We then create solutions for you, implement them, and annually review your plan with you.

Investing for the long term

We know that getting the asset allocation decisions correct has proven to be the most important factor for producing positive returns.

Our savings and investment process is based on clear principles and has a proven track record of rewarding investors over the long term.

The main steps are

  1. Analyse current position.
  2. Design Investment Portfolio based on our investment principles.
  3. Document investment plan and strategy.
  4. Implement plan.
  5. Monitor and review.

Retirement Planning

Healthier lifestyles and medical advances mean that life expectancy is rising year on year. For a couple aged 65, there is a 50% chance that one will live beyond the age of 92.

The key question for everyone: Am I saving enough and will my money last?

Planning for retirement often involves looking at traditional pension structures as well as other investment strategies. We address all of these as part of our Retirement Planning service, created bespoke for you.

Protecting Your Future

Maintaining your family’s lifestyle in case of death, illness or disability is an important element in your financial planning.

We provide you with advice and direction on the range of appropriate insurance offerings available to families, individuals, and businesses.

Key elements of our wealth protection service

  • Analyse your personal and business needs
  • Review your current policies
  • Compare with market options
  • Bespoke advice
  • Provide your formal documentation

Transferring Your Wealth

Estate and succession planning should form part of your financial plan, to ensure your wishes are carried out. A well-constructed plan will ensure that your estate is passed to the people you want, in a tax effective and efficient manner, and includes strategies to minimise any potential conflict.

We provide expert advice and work with external specialists to deal with more complex estate planning issues and minimising the tax implications.