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Fee Schedule

Remuneration Policy

Paul Earley Financial Planning Ltd t/a Earley Consulting is remunerated by way of fees for advice and by way of commission for receiving and transmitting orders to the product providers listed in our Terms of Business. We provide clients with the option to either pay a fee, commission offset or a combination of both.  We will agree this before commencement of the work.


Fees are charged on a combination of time required to complete the work, the complexity of the case, the level of knowledge required and the urgency.

Where we propose to charge you a fee this will be agreed with you in writing in advance.


We may receive commission from insurers and product providers with whom we hold an appointment.  These commissions will be detailed in a Disclosure Notice provided to you at the point of sale and will also be included in the cooling off letter.

If we have arranged for your fee to be offset by commissions derived from a product which you subsequently cancel or cease to pay, and in consequence we are obliged to refund commission paid to us, we reserve the right to charge you a fee to reimburse us for the amount of commission refunded.